Art.-Nr.: 92 20

Wild Hilde

Jahrgang 2020
Kategorie Sisters in Wine
Geschmacksrichtung trocken

Beschreibung Hilde is very lively and always on the move. She romps through the world like a brightly colored whirlwind that captivates everything and everyone. Those who lay in her path are left ruffled but happy. As soon as she enters the room, she gives off the scent of wild berries and fresh herbs, which linger in the air long after she has gone.
An incredibly refreshing specimen that carries summer in her heart. So, it's no wonder that you never see her without sunglasses in her hair. When she's around, there's always something happening, because the word "boredom" is alien to her nature.

Alkoholgehalt 13,5 % Vol.
Flaschengröße 750ml
Herkunftsland Deutschland
Art der Abfüllung Gutsabfüllung

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