Martina and Joerg are convinced that wines are created in nature. The wines are shaped in the vineyard by climate, soil and the surrounding ecosystem. Both winemakers work tirelessly to improve their sense of these factors - and hence, their wines.

Naturalness In order to capture the naturalness in the wine in the best possible way and bring this naturalness to unfold, the vineyard and the soil must be as vital as possible. This is why Martina & Joerg work according to biodynamic principles.
Team spirit Martina is the young wine maker, eager for knowledge and keen to experiment. She is Joerg’s daughter. He is the down-to-earth nature boy who loves to spend every single minute in the vineyards. Together they form the heart and soul of the family winery, the strength of which lies in their team spirit.
Firm belief As a team, father & daughter were able to take a fresh look at the world of wine, experiment together and develop a common philosophy which they firmly believe in and continuously pursue.

»The conditions in Wolfsheim are unique. We catch that with our wines.«

Martina Bernhard

Our methods of cultivation

Martina and Joerg work biodynamically out of conviction. This allows them to protect the environment and promote the uniqueness of nature, while achieving the highest quality in the vineyard.

The basis for healthy vines is a vital soil. To promote this, they rely on deliberate revegetation management, i.e. they selectively sow clover and herb species that loosen the soil with their roots, bring in nutrients and attract beneficial insects. In this way, they can refrain from the use of artificial fertilizers and increase biodiversity in the vineyard.

Martina and Joerg support the vitality and natural defenses of their vines with tonics such as horn manure, horn silica and plant teas, some of which they grow themselves. The goal is not only to preserve their environment, but to strengthen it. This way, future generations can continue their craft.


Attention steep! This slope with the slightly sinister name has a gradient of up to 40 percent. In the Middle Ages, birds of prey that had their territory here were called vultures. Even today, black kites, eagle owls and red kites still circle here. In this south-facing site, at an altitude of 170 to 260 meters and on loess and marl, grows one of our two Riesling single-vineyard wines.

Götzenborn alte reben

Eine unserer kühlsten Lagen! Ihre Bezeichnung geht vermutlich auf einen Personennamen zurück. Ausgerichtet ist sie nach Nordwest bis Nord, auf 180 bis 250 Metern Höhe und verfügt über Löss- und Tonmergelböden. Diese Kombination lässt die Trauben langsam reifen, sodass sie ihr volles Aromenpotential entfalten können und sorgt für eine straffe Mineralität im Abgang. Perfekt für eleganten Chardonnay und aromatischen Gewürztraminer.


One of our coolest sites. Its name probably derives from a personal name. The site faces northwest to north, at an altitude of 180 to 250 meters. This allows the grapes to ripen slowly and provides a taut minerality on the finish. In combination with loess and clay marl soil these are best conditions for our Chardonnay.


Perhaps the best site in Wolfsheim for fine and multilayered Riesling. A southwest facing, rising slope with high sun exposure. The crisp, cold night temperatures make for exciting flavors. The soil is characterized by limestone and clay marl, which absolutely suits Riesling - it makes it dense and multifaceted. In addition, this soil is deeply rootable and rewards with strong minerality and well-buffered acidity.


The Sonnenberg is located in the Vendersheim district at an altitude of 175 to 255 meters. The name “sunny mountain” is no exaggeration, as the southern exposure guarantees maximum sunlight. The soil is rich in carbonate and humus. Vine roots can penetrate easily and deeply, reaching water and nutrients without problems even in dry years. The wines are delicate, with a full mouthfeel and well-buffered acidity while maintaining a high extract at the same time.

St. Kathrin Alte Reben

Ganz oben! Auf 240 Metern Höhe thront St. Kathrin über Wolfsheim, in leicht ansteigender südwestlich ausgerichteter Lage. Der Boden mit hohem Kalk- und Steingehalt – Reste eines Kalkalgen-Riffs, das sich hier vor 23 Millionen Jahren im tropischen Urmeer bildete – erwärmt sich im Frühjahr sehr schnell. Beste Voraussetzungen für kraftvollen Silvaner und ausdrucksstarken Riesling.

St. Kathrin

At the very top! At an altitude of 240 meters, St. Kathrin towers above Wolfsheim in a slightly ascending southwest-facing position. The soil with a high lime and stone content - remnants of a calcareous algae reef that formed here 23 million years ago in the tropical primordial sea - warms up very quickly in spring. Best conditions for our Silvaner!

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